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Announcing Brave Hand, our next game! - Kate - 08-28-2017

[Image: Brave_Hand_Screenshots_Master_1.png]

Brave Hand is a beautifully simple, original single-player card game of luck and skill by designer Scott Brodie. As you play, you unlock the story of the Wanderer and the Guardian, depicted across 16 gorgeous hand-painted themes. An elegant design that combines the simplicity of classic card games like War and Solitaire, the test of will of Poker, and the strategy of collectible card games.

Brave Hand has been selected as a Google Play Indie Game Finalist and will be demoed for the first time publicly on September 23rd at this event.

Please let us know what you think! We’re hoping to release within the next few months and we’d like to get your help polishing and improving the game. If you’d like to beta test or help with localization, email us at contact@heartshapedgames.com or reach out to Scott (@brodiegames) on Twitter.

More Info:

RE: Announcing Brave Hand, our next game! - scott - 08-30-2017

There are already some nice stories out around our announcement:

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Thanks to everyone that has been helping us spread the word!