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v0.35 Early Access Update Is Live - scott - 10-28-2017

Hi everyone,

We've just posted our first update to Brave Hand, version .35, since entering early access. We really appreciate everyone's feedback so far, and we'll be continuing to upgrade and optimize the game as we move closer to our final launch on iOS and Google Play. Here are the full patch notes:

Download link (Free): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.heartshapedgames.bravehand


-New "Reader" mode for viewing all story pages! Use this mode to take screenshots of the art for phone wallpapers.
-Framerate improvements on lower end devices!
-Hardware "Back" button now navigates the UI.
-Numerous translation bug fixes.
-Fixes for some Ad display issues.
-Better error messages for disabled features.

We want your feedback! Send your thoughts on the tutorial, pacing, boost mode, bugs and gameplay.