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Valentine's Day Sale
Hi All -

Highgrounds and Hero Generations are on sale this week to celebrate Valentine's Day. All packs in Highgrounds are 50% off and Hero Generations is 34% off on Steam.

Also, our new merchandise store is now open! We have Heart Shaped Games and Hero Generations merchandise available for purchase. If you have an idea for a store item you'd like to see, let us know!


As a general update, we're looking forward to announcing some new games shortly, so check back here soon for more info.

Have a great week!
Heart Shaped Games
I don't mean to be a party pooper, but Valentine's Day was 10 days ago, and Highgrounds packs are still half price. Don't get me wrong -- I certainly appreciate the occasional Heart Shaped Games sale, but when you extend it beyond just a few days you are inadvertently eroding long-term incentives. The rate at which new players can fill the gaps in their personal card collection increases exponentially when cards are half price for an extended period of time, thus eliminating the inherent benefit afforded to players who stick with the game for the long haul (your core client base).
Never argue with a hobgoblin. It'll just amuse him more.
The 2017 Thanksgiving Sale is getting a little long in the tooth don't you think? High Grounds packs have been just 100 gems for a week now. At that low a price it won't be long before everyone has all of the cards. The previous 300-350 gems per pack price is probably the optimum long-term price for High Grounds. That creates a pace at which all of the players are steadily advancing, but no one runs out of cards to collect (and everyone has a different set of cards to play).
Never argue with a hobgoblin. It'll just amuse him more.

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