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Was there a change in the formula for commanders leveling up?
The formula to reach a specific level, if I recall correctly, is x*260^2. While going through the process of grinding a commander, I noticed that this formula isn't true anymore, and I don't know what the new formula is. For anyone competent in math, could you verify if I just made a mistake, or if there is a new formula?
Until a few minutes ago, I thought that each level "n" required an amount of XP points equal to [n/2]*1000 plus the XP points you already had (where [x] is x rounded down).
This means that a nice formula for XP points for level n can be [(n^2)/4]*1000, where, again, [x] is x rounded down.
But now i see that the formula is accurate for low levels, but not perfect for highest levels... Maybe that somehow I'm wrong, or that after a certain level you need more experience to reach the following one...
Anyway, it's a good approximation!
I didn't consider that commanders start at level 0, and not at level 1, so a better formula is [(n+1)^2/4]*1000, where [x] is x rounded down.
Unfortunately, this is not yet the right formula: I just upgraded a commander to level 67 at 1168000 points, while the formula provides 1156000 points...
i thought it is X^2*260?
(04-24-2017, 04:02 PM)shaymin Wrote: i thought it is X^2*260?

Shaymin is correct.

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