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December Preview
Hey folks,
My name is Patrick Shaw and I'm working as a Producer on Hero Generations. We'll be doing a monthly "preview" of what we are hoping to release in the next major build. Of course issues may come up or we may try to sneak something in at the last moment, so this list is by no means final!

Hero Generations is heading out to sea! Our December update focuses on the new Island World.

The Island World is all about taking a risk to do something extraordinary. If you spend your years there, you may come up empty handed, or you may discover important knowledge or amazing treasure. Get prepared to navigate typically impassable and sparse terrain, fight giant crustacean bosses, and parley with skeleton pirates. Check this motley crew:

[Image: M1xFjPM.jpg] [Image: jKtzZ2K.jpg]
[Image: MQFdgk9.jpg] [Image: ahr4RzI.jpg][Image: wB5jjmf.jpg]

Hero Generations is getting close to being "content complete" - that is, all of the art and sound content is in the game. This is major development milestone that we are very proud of. Of course, we still a lot of work on the gameplay and balance side, so please keep that feedback coming!

Here are a few more things we're working on:
  • Gameplay: Adding more Traits, Items, Buildings, and World Events.
  • Kickstarter Backers -- You are about to be famous! Scott is adding your names into the random name generators for Heroes and monsters.
  • Save Games: Scott is busy revamping the save game system to make it more robust and fix save/load bug fixes for Mac players.
  • Bugs: Most of the major bugs should be squashed, but be sure to report any issues that you may have!

Our December update is tentatively scheduled for December 2nd.


p.s. If you are interested in learning more about Hero Generations, please visit our website:

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